How to get the Perfect Sparkler Photos

1. Coordinate Timing!! Honestly I can't stress this point enough...this is probably the most imporatant step of all so lets start here!

Plan the sparkler moment for the ideal time during the evening when it’s dark enough for the sparklers to shine but not too late that guests might be too tired. (Or in some cases too drunk, as a wedding photographer in Ireland/Northern Ireland we know the guests like to let their hair down and party their wee hearts out 🤭 soo… bearing that in mind…trust me, it’s much more difficult if it’s done too late at the reception! 🤣 ) Opt for sooner vs later,  when it’s gets dark enough to do it. Winter weddings are perfect for sparkler photos as it gets dark much earlier than summer!

2. Communicate Clearly. I would strongly advise to not give the guests the sparklers until they are all gathered and ready!

Inform guests in advance about the sparkler moment. Provide instructions on where to gather. (I usually find it helpful if you ask your hotel to announce where when your ready to go ahead so guests can begin to gather outside) I would strongly advise to not give the guests the sparklers until they are all gathered and ready for the photo as guests will usually start lighting them at different times (Oh no!🙈) The sparklers only burn for a short time and you want them all lit at the same time which can be tricky if you have alot of guests lighting them at different times. It’s really helpful if you have one person in charge of distributing the sparklers and informing each person as they are passed out to not light them until instructed to do so by the photographer. e.g a bridesmaid or someone you trust with the job.

3. Choose the Right Sparklers

If possible opt for long-lasting, sparklers , Consider using the 20-inch sparklers for a longer burn time. (However if you have a lot of guests the smaller ones will still work as it could be rather expensive if you plan to do it with a larger guest count) Sinead and Ryan pictured in this blog had regular sparklers and it still looked fantastic!

3. Choose the Right Photographer

If sparkler photos is something you really want on your wedding day be sure to mention this when looking for a photographer. You want someone with experience , ask to see previous sparkler photos to ensure their style is what you had envisioned for your photos. Your photographer should know how to plan for sparkler photos. Each venue or hotel is different but usually a path or specific formation for the guests to stand in looks best. This helps in creating visually appealing patterns in the photos. Your photographer should be able to offer guidance and advice on how to best approach sparkler photos for your day.

4. Have Backups!

Sparklers can be a little dodgy sometimes. Have a few extra incase some don’t light up and some just for the bride and groom to ensure they get their photos . The same goes for lighters, have a few lighters and a couple of guests in charge of lighting sparklers to ensure they are all lit at the same time. Encourage the guests once ready, to light their sparkler from the person standing next to them to speed things up. 

5. Capture Candid Moments

Once everything is ready and in place encourage the guests to enjoy the moment and interact naturally. Candid shots often capture the genuine joy and excitement of the sparkler send-off!

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