How to Make the Groom Stand Out

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1. Distinct Look:

- Choose a suit or suit jacket in a different color or style than the groomsmen for a noticeable contrast.

2. Buttonwhole Flower

- Give the groom a distinct buttonhole flower that contrasts with those of the groomsmen or features a special flower or detail.

3. Personal Touch:

- Add personalised elements such as monogrammed items (cufflinks or pocket watch) that are unique to the groom.

4. Vest or Suspenders:

- Have the groom wear a distinctive vest or suspenders, setting him apart from the groomsmen.

5. Different Tie Colour or Style

- Consider a different tie, bowtie, or pocket square that complements the overall color scheme but adds a unique touch.

6. Accessory Game

- Unique accessories like hats or how your groom arrives can really set them apart from the rest!

7. Personalised Socks:

-Fun or personalised socks can add a touch of personality that's visible when the groom is seated or during more candid moments.

8. Combine Ideas:

You don't have to do just one of these things, you could combine multiple ideas to showcase the groom's personality and style while harmonising with the overall wedding theme.
lauren coulter photography best wedding northern ireland
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